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Residential Construction & Renovation Services

Since 1988, we’ve helped homeowners across the Metro New Orleans area to repair, renovate, and re-enjoy their homes. We believe in quality and honesty, doing what is right because that is what is right. Our owner is hands-on with every project and our team consistently communicates with you about your home’s project from start to finish.

We Specialize In:

Inspect your pipes by utilizing a special camera that allows us to view inside your pipes to ensure they’re in good condition. A video pipe inspection helps us determine the exact location of a problem, whether it is a clog, break, or leak.

Excavate under your home’s foundation to access broken sewer or water lines. We dig directly to the source of your plumbing problems to repair a broken pipe.

Elevate homes to reduce your risk of flooding.

Protect your home from thunderstorms and hurricanes with a new roof with an affordable, efficient, and reliable local roofing specialist.

Renovate and build a budget-friendly kitchen or one of your dreams.

Remodel your bathroom with style and function.

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Blue Skies Construction Roofing Project - Sutton Dr.

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State Licenses

Louisiana Residential Contractor License #87792
Louisiana Commercial Contractor License #54484
Louisiana Master Plumber License #5029
Louisiana Master Natural Gasfitter License #7997

Video Pipe Inspections

Typical Ages Cast Iron Pipe in Metro New Orleans

Blue Skies Construction - Broken Cast Iron Pipe
Broken Cast Iron Pipe

Warning Signs of a Bigger Plumbing Issue

Whether you’re buying a new home or commercial property or having unexplained issues with your plumbing like frequent clogs or low water pressure, a video pipe inspection will provide you valuable insights into your plumbing. Pipes can be obstructed by tree roots, clogged by a buildup of flushed waste, or leaking due to a crack. You have no way of knowing the condition of your pipes unless you look inside every inch of the pipes inside your home and to the street.

We use a flexible fiber optic cable with a bright light and high-resolution video camera to inspect inside your plumbing, accessible branch lines, and pipes until we reach the sewer. The video is transmitted to the plumbing inspector in real time so the operator can pinpoint any concerns. This small, yet powerful tool records video of your plumbing, giving you peace of mind that nothing is wrong or pinpointing exactly where the issue(s) is so you can have them repaired.

Video pipe inspections are much faster, cheaper, and less damaging than digging up the entire length of a pipe just to find the problem. This inexpensive inspection can save you tens of thousands of dollars because knowing what the problem is and where it is allows us to create a better game plan for fixing it. The data provided by the video pipe inspection removes the time-consuming and costly guesswork, so we come prepared with the right tools to repair your damaged pipes efficiently, saving you time and hassle.

Plumbing issues occur over time due to aging pipes, freezing weather, natural disasters, ground settling, shifting soil, and root intrusion from tree growth. The longer the leak exists, the more damage it causes to your home and its foundation.

Don’t Purchase a New Property with a Video Pipe Inspection
Performing a video pipe inspection before you acquire a house or commercial property can save you thousands of dollars on plumbing problems that you cannot see without an inspection. An inspection will either give you the peace of mind you need or detect problems like clogs, pipe breaks, grease build-up, separations, bellied pipes, offset or misaligned pipes, deteriorating pipes, root intrusion, aging pipes, broken seals, stress cracks, corrosion, and more. Additionally, we can see if you have outdated or substandard pipe materials that no longer meet the building code or that are too small for your needs.

A video pipe inspection is a must-do when buying a house and is usually not included in a home inspection. It will give you a roadmap of your plumbing system so you know where your plumbing connects to the city or parish sewer system, and it may be useful for future insurance claims.

The Blue Skies Difference with Pipe Inspections

Get to the root of your plumbing woes faster

Underslab Tunneling for Pipe Repairs

Blue Skies Construction - Sewer Line Replacement Under Slab House with Stainless Steel Hangers Attached to Slab

Warning Signs of a Slab Leak

Our Process for Underslab Tunneling

Although tunneling underneath your home may sound like a big ordeal, it beats the alternative of busting through your flooring and making your house uninhabitable for a few weeks.

By utilizing underslab tunneling (also known as under-slab tunneling), the work is done outside, and you can live inside your house throughout the entire project. You do not need to damage your home’s slab, replace flooring, move furniture, move out of your home, or expose your home to mold or gases found under your slab.

Plumbing issues occur over time due to aging pipes, freezing weather, natural disasters, ground settling, shifting soil, and root intrusion from tree growth. The longer the leak exists, the more damage it causes to your home and its foundation. That is why it is important to identify issues quickly and make repairs to your sub-surface plumbing system as soon as possible.

Blue Skies Construction - Sewer Line Replacement Under Slab House with Stainless Steel Hangers Attached to Slab

How Much Does Underslab Tunneling Cost

The cost is determined by the length of the trench needed to reach the broken pipes, that’s why we try to find the shortest route possible. Our tunneling crews dig about 15 to 30 feet per day and most projects require a 10-15 foot trench.

Do not attempt an under-slab plumbing repair yourself or hire an untrained day laborer. Not all plumbers are experienced in underslab tunneling so please do your due diligence. Fixing your home’s foundation is much more expensive than a professional underground pipe repair.

The Blue Skies Difference with Underslab Tunneling

Fix your lingering plumbing issues by contacting Blue Skies Construction

Foundation Repair Pros

Blue Skies Construction - Elevation Leveling - After

Warning Signs Your Home’s Foundation is Broken

In Southeast Louisiana, we have several factors that lead to damaged foundations including natural disasters like hurricanes, poor soil conditions like clay, termites, and rotten wood from the extreme moisture. Don’t fret, we can help by identifying any of the problems.

Blue Skies Construction - Elevation Leveling - After

Our crews have repaired hundreds of foundation problems all across the New Orleans area, from the Northshore to the Southshore and both sides of the Mississippi River. If your home’s foundation shifted off its piling due to a hurricane, has termite-damaged timbers, or is in a flood-risk area, we can safely and efficiently repair or elevate your foundation.

Regardless of the size of your house or the height you need to elevate it, we have the expertise and the tools to get the job done. Our crews use a unified hydraulic jack system that can securely raise your home to any level required by FEMA.

Our Process for Foundation Repair

The Blue Skies Difference with Foundation Repair

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Roofing Repair Pros

Blue Skies Construction Roofing Project 10

Warning Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof

Another thing to keep an eye out for is your neighbors getting new roofs. Since most homes in the same neighborhood are built around the same time and experience similar weather conditions, your roof is probably near the end of its useful life too. Asphalt shingles usually last 15 to 30 years depending on the shingle type.

Blue Skies Construction Roofing Project 6

Whether you’ve experienced a recent natural disaster or proactively replacing an old roof, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with us. We’ve installed over 500 new roofs on homes and businesses across the New Orleans area over the past three decades.

Your roof is your first line of defense against rain and therefore roofs are the first step to rebuilding after a hurricane, tornado, or fire. After a major storm or hurricane, we focus all of our crews on roofing to get more people in our community back into their homes as soon as possible. 

We’re a GAF-certified roofing contractor which means we’re committed to continuous, professional training in the latest new methods to install residential roofs. With that, we cover a roof warranty that is 50% longer than most roofing companies. 

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), so you know we’re a company that you can trust with your biggest investment, your home. 

How Much Does a New Roof for My House Cost?

Roofs are calculated by how much material is used so homes with more square footage and steeper roofs cost more because they use more material and require more labor. Generally, a new roof for a small house will run $8,000-12,000.

We provide free quotes and offer 24-month financing.

How Long Does It Take to Reroof My House?

Our crews can usually install a new roof in just one day. Occasionally, we need a second day if we’re interrupted by weather, it’s wintertime and the sun sets sooner, or for larger, more complex roofs.

The Blue Skies Difference when Roofing Your Home or Business

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Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations

Blue Skies Construction - Kitchen After with Appliances

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

The total cost to renovate your kitchen varies wildly depending on your choices, with the bulk of your budget going towards flooring, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. A chef’s kitchen with commercial-grade appliances, custom cabinets, and granite countertops pushes your budget up while a more budget-friendly kitchen remodeling project costs around $25,000.

Keep in mind, you have multiple areas to save, or splurge on, including the kitchen’s layout, lighting, windows, wall finishes, and optional features like an espresso station or a second sink in your new kitchen island.

We offer financing for 24 months to help transform your kitchen into your ideal kitchen.

Blue Skies Construction - Kitchen After with Appliances

How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take?

Most of our kitchen renovations take 6-8 weeks and some take up to 10-12 weeks for larger spaces or when we have more structural changes to make like moving load-bearing walls or adding a gas line.

Before we start, we provide you with a written plan for each phase of construction with our expected timeline and communicate with you throughout the project.

Whether you’re repairing your kitchen after a natural disaster, updating the kitchen in the house you just purchased, or building the kitchen of your dreams, we understand you need a well-built, multi-functional kitchen and want a good experience throughout the renovation.

Our team will guide you through determining the ideal layout for your kitchen, including adding in specific needs like a homework desk or coffee bar. We’ll guide you through picking out your colors, finishes, and appliances so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the thousands of possibilities. Throughout the entire process, we’ll help keep your choices within budget and within your timeline.

With Blue Skies, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and skill. We’re small enough to have our owner, Philip, hands-on for every project and our team of skilled builders carries out your renovation so you’re not waiting on an overwhelmed contractor to make progress on your new kitchen.

Blue Skies Kitchen Renovation Process

Blue Skies Construction - Kitchen Remodeling After

The Difference Remodeling Your Kitchen with Blue Skies Construction

Ready to get that kitchen you’ve always wanted?

Bathroom Renovations & Remodeling

Blue Skies Construction - Upstairs Guest Bathroom Renovation After

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

The total cost to remodel your bathroom depends a lot on you. Your choices in cabinetry, hardware, fixtures, and plumbing drive the majority of your material costs. Additionally, if you want to relocate your plumbing, that will increase the scope, price, and timeline of your renovation. We recommend at least $10,000 for a quality, budget bathroom renovation.

Our team will work with you to keep your budget in check, making sure we include all of your must-haves and helping you identify which items are splurges.

If it helps, we offer financing on bathroom renovations for 24 months.

Blue Skies Construction - Master Bathroom Renovation After

How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

Construction timelines vary greatly depending on rerouting plumbing and other structural changes to the room. Most bathroom renovations take 3-5 weeks and large, more complicated bathroom renovations can take 6-8 weeks to complete.

Before your renovation begins, we’ll give you a written game plan of the entire project, breaking down each phase with the anticipated budget. We stay in constant communication, so you know exactly what is going on with your bathroom renovation.

We can help you transform your outdated and broken bathroom into the bathroom that you’ve always imagined. Whether you want a simple, elegant bathroom with clean lines or an extravagant spa-like retreat, we can make your wish a reality.

You’re in good hands with our team which has renovated hundreds of bathrooms over the past three decades. Our customers say they appreciate our quality, and communication, and like having a hands-on owner. We’re small enough to have Philip active on every project and large enough to have multiple experienced construction crews working on the projects.

Blue Skies Construction - Master Bathroom Renovation After

Blue Skies Process for Bath Renovations

The Difference Renovating Your Bathroom with Blue Skies Construction

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